WATCH: Meghan McCain Torches Kellyanne Conway For ‘Gross’ Interview Amid Her Husband’s Feud With Trump


The View held a spirited discussion on Thursday on the ongoing drama between the Conway family and President Donald Trump.

Meghan McCain, on Thursday, called Kellyanne Conway’s interview “gross” and mused on how the whole circus may impact the Conway marriage.

“You have four children that they go home to, and you’re doing this publicly on TV, and doing this with your marriage. My question is the same question as yesterday, ‘Was it worth it to ruin your marriage and to do this to your family? For what? Working in the White House?’ I think it’s gross on both their parts.”

The panel reviewed George Conway‘s disparaging comments about Trump’s mental condition, with Sunny Hostin finding it “odd that [Kellyanne] almost sides with the president” over her husband.

“I don’t side with anybody over my man, over my husband,” Hostin said. “My marriage comes first. This is bizarre behavior.”

Ana Navarro likened the situation to a “tacky” soap opera, and her colleagues were similarly unimpressed with the Conways airing their dirty laundry.






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