WATCH: Pro-Trump economist starts shouting on CNN after clashing with columnist over unemployment


When discussing whether Donald Trump should be credited for falling unemployment rates, a Washington Post columnist became the subject of conservative economist Stephen Moore‘s ire for insisting the economic trend was in place long before the president took office.

“It’s not like this moment when Trump came in and the red sea parted and suddenly there have a huge plummeting of the unemployment rate,” CNN political commentator and Post columnist Catherine Rampell noted on Monday morning. “[Gross Domestic Product] growth, unemployment rate, hiring — the trends are pretty much exactly the same.”

“Does President Trump deserve credit for the economy?” Moore responded. “That’s sort of like saying Lebron James hit a shot at the buzzer for the game. Does he deserve credit?”

“It’s sort of ironic that Catherine is saying ‘gee, this is just a continuation’ because, of course, the Washington Post months and months before Donald Trump was elected said ‘if Donald Trump is elected he’s gonna ruin the economy,’” he said. “And now we have this incredible boom in the economy.”

Watch below, via CNN:


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