White House Tried to Stop Fox’s Maria Bartiromo From Asking Trump About McCain


When she pressed, Trump grew agitated. He attempted to dismiss the question, but Bartiromo persisted, noting the president himself reignited the feud with a dead man, and that his attacks on the senator do nothing to bring the country together. Trump eventually snapped at her.

“You shouldn’t have brought it up,” Trump said, visibly irritated. “Actually, I thought you weren’t supposed to bring it up, but that’s okay, you know. Fake news every once in a while.”

“It’s not fake news,” she shot back.

A source at the network told Mediaite that the White House tried to squash any questions about McCain prior to the interview.

“For the record, there were no preconditions or stipulations agreed to ahead of that interview,” Bartiromo said as she went to a commercial break.

That was enough to draw Trump’s ire: The president ripped McCain in a tweet last weekend, followed by several others airing his personal grievances against the late senator.

At a rally on Wednesday, completely unprompted, Trump brought up McCain again, complaining that he hadn’t been thanked for his role authorizing his funeral.


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